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Michael Struk is an award-winning business owner, entrepreneur and community leader.  He was named Citizen of the Year in 2009 by the City of University Heights, Ohio.  Michael is recognized for his ability to inspire family, friends, business associates and community members. 

He also served in several management positions of increasing visibility and responsibility in the hospitality area, finally as the general manager in a prominent hotel chain in the Northeast US.  Michael is a Certified Hotel Administrator (CHA), an honor awarded to a small percentage of  lodging professionals.

Michael is a proud graduate of Drexel University and St. Peter's Prep, Jersey City, NJ.

Testimonials about Michael's speaking abilities

"Michael articulates very well. He is very confident in front of an audience. His command of the room is very strong as is his subjec(networking) knowledge. He comes across as an expert in the field.” – Ben Sorensen – Vice President at Optimum Associates

“Michael is an excellent speaker. His passion and knowledge of the topic (networking) vibrated throughout the room! Thank you. Thank you. Thank you.” –Karen Schaefer – Office Manager – Heights-Hillcrest Regional Chamber of Commerce

“Michael showed a great deal of enthusiasm for the topic (leadership) and had students engaged throughout his presentation. He shared relevant stories, helped the students make meaning of the information and most importantly approached the topic in a creative and refreshing manner. Student response was extremely positive." –Scott J. Allen, Ph.D Assistant Professor of Management Boler School of Business John Carroll University.

“Michael was a fantastic speaker. I really learned a lot from Mr. Struk. He was incredibly down to earth and is a very relatable person. I thought Michael Struk did a great job on this presentation, and did so in such a way that you stayed interested and involved throughout the whole speech. Michael Struk was a very good motivational speaker. He spoke well about our interests and made it easy for us to understand him by giving us examples we have all experienced” –Comments from 4 different John Carroll students after a talk on leadership.